Solve slownesss with Windows Vista startup

Solve slowness’s with Windows Vista startup

There is an important margin between an exploitable PC after one minute and another system which is it into three! By exploitable I understand the capacity with reading his emails and opening a navigator Web. In short with launching the usual software.

According to the diagnostic of ED Bott from ZDNet, it is possible to charge, in the majority of the cases, the responsibility for slowness to an incompatible hardware or a software. To show that, it carried out some tests. Here are the conclusions.

Remove your security software like Avast or AVG antivirus. They are very heavy to charge at the same time with starting and the stop. Prefer Nod32 and Windows Live One care.

A very Windows Vista slow startup can come from a USB reader. If the partition is of a particular type that causes decelerations.

Diagnose your network. Permanent connections can be the cause of the decelerations when they are badly configured. It is the case for example inalienable reader’s networks. Windows search the reader whereas it is not present on the network.

Remove the software manufacturing. When you buy a laptop, it is often provides with small applications charge with controlling connection network, Wi-Fi, the battery, etc… These functions are already present in the Windows Vista Mobility Center.

Turn-off some plug-ins inside your web browser. When your browser spends an infinite time to launch out, that often comes from plug-in evil coded. Turn-off them and observe the difference.

Ultimately, before installing a software or modify a configuration always check the quality of the software.

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