Remove the option Help and Support from Start Menu

Remove the option ”Help and Support” from Start Menu

The option Help and Support which is visible inside Start menu presents some doors open in your system. Thus, it can make it possible a user to let take the control of its remote computer. To remove Help and Support from Start Menu fallow few steps below:

  1. Open the base of windows registry (to do that click Start, choose Run type regedit and press OK)
  2. Inside registry find next path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion policies explore
  3. After you did fond next path in right panel use you right mouse click on empty space then select New and create a Dword value
  4. Name it NoSMHelp
  5. Double click above then enter value 1 and confirm changes by clicking on OK
  6. Restart your computer then, the option Help and support which was in the Start menu disappeared
  7. To return Help and Support option inside Start menu simply change value 1 by 0

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