Pixel Shader 5.0, DirectX 11 and GPGPU

Microsoft DirectX 11

In the world of DirectX, Vista has once again marked a turning point that many have decidedly difficult to follow. Although technology allows for DirectX 10 advanced very important, especially with Geometric Shaders, the option of reserving only the new Windows has adverse effects on the spread of technology.

And yet, an update 10.1 is already available, and the latest GPU ATI Radeon 48xx manages already. Microsoft works primarily on version 11 of its API (Application Programming Interface). The editor of Redmond also performs this work in close collaboration with manufacturers of GPU, history of putting everyone else agrees.

Shaders Model 5.0 and GPGPU

What can we expect new in this future evolution? For the moment, pending the conference on August 26 which will lift the veil on all mysteries little is known. But little is still very interesting. For example, DirectX 11 is based on version 10. Until then, everything seems normal and logical. Then, the API will introduce the Model Shaders 5.0, which NVIDIA has been working for some time.

By against the arrival of Compute Shaders may not clearly marked. The goal? Nothing less than a major topical technique: the ability to calculate the GPU of the map of operations that would otherwise be borne by the central processor (GPGPU). And then, as with technology OpenCL to be present in Snow Apple Leopard is to enable ease of use and valid whatever the map. Of course, what one does not know is precisely the batch of cards that will be compatible. But there is good hope that this part of the technology is compatible with all cards DirectX 9.

Among other new features that will come out safely, highlighted a feature that can translate quickly maps travel objects or the Multithreading Rendering. It should be noted that DirectX 11 API will be the basis for the next generation XBOX, which is expected to be launched in 2009.

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  1. Dejan  July 14, 2008

    is it gone be available under window vista or in final version of Windows 7

  2. Bastian  July 24, 2008

    great to hear that, hope games will look like much better, when I so the difference between DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 vs I was surprised especially when I played the game Crysis. The reflection of water and sky is much better and it looks much realistic in DirectX 10 compared with ver. 9. I hope there are gone be some images so I can see the deference between 10 and 11 version.

  3. Derrick  July 27, 2008

    DX10 is vista-only to force people to upgrade to vista. I’m happy with XP, why should I have to shell out money for an operating system that is sub-par to get all of the features I purchased in a video card? This is gone be the same with DirectX 11 and “Windows 7″!

  4. Jesse  July 27, 2008

    The difference is Microsoft is creating the tools for developers to much more easily utilize multiple cores and gpus. This is to prevent the very thing that happened to Sony with the PS3.

  5. mohdaquil  October 11, 2011



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