Download photos from a mass storage device (USB,Camera …) using the Get Photos Wizard

Download photos from a mass storage device (USB,Camera …) using the Get Photos Wizard

If you have a camera with your photos from vacation and your want to download them on your computer so you can edit or save them on CD/DVD driver you can use ACDSee Photos Wizard.

By using this wizard you do not need any additional device or software; with few mouse clicks your photos will be stored from camera to your computer or laptop.

  1. Connect the USB mass storage device to your computer.
  2. Now click File than choose Get Photos, and then click From Camera or Card Reader.
  3. On the Welcome page, select Skip this step next time check box to bypass the Welcome page the next time you use the wizard. Now click Next button,
  4. On the Source Device page, select the Mass Storage Device from the Type list. ACDSee scans your device and displays the available options. In the Device list, select the specific name of the device from which you want to download your files. Now click Next button,
  5. On the File Format Options page, select a file format on which you want to save your images. You can click the Options button to select any file-specific options available for your chosen format. Now click Next button,
  6. At the end, on the Output Options page, specify whether you want to rename your images using a template, and choose where you want to place those download files or pictures. You can select options to automatically correct the orientation of images taken with certain digital cameras, and to remove the files from your device after copying. If you are ready, click Next to copy your photos and files.

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