Deactivate the UAC in Windows Vista

Deactivate the UAC in Windows Vista

User Account Control is a new function of Windows which made its appearance in Vista, this function is to alert the user beginner at each time something suitable for affect the system is carried out. On the basis of a good principle at the base, this function generates a big number of messages of alarms, and clicks to pass at the following stage, which with final with tendency to aggravate.

A logo appears beside the majority of the choices which will imply the UAC.

For the activated UAC it is necessary, for example, seven clicks to remove a short cut, which is a little constraining all the same! If the UAC will be partly reconsidered, there remains present in its ”painful” version under Windows Vista Beta 2, we will see in this easy way how to decontaminate this functionality.

Click on ”Start” and select ”Control Panel”.

If you use the Reception of the Control panel, click on ”User Accounts and Family Safety”, then on ”User Accounts”. If you use Classic posting of the Control panel, double-click on ”User Accounts”.

Click on the link ”Change Security Settings”, a message asking you the confirmation to continue posts itself (it is about the UAC which wants to be sure that you have the right to reach his options), then you have to click on button [Continue].

Strip the box ”Uses to use Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer” then validate by [OK], it will then be asked to you to start again the computer to apply the changes, or to cancel the modification if necessary…

From now on UAC is deactivated, attention however not to do too many silly things now that it is not there anymore to warn you, especially when you remove a shortcut!

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