Create Hyperlink in MS Excel 2003

Create Hyperlink in MS Excel 2003

It’s is same like in MS Front Page 2003, MS Excel 2003 or other MS Office programs.
To insert Hyperlink fallow this steps:

  1. Open MS Excel or Word 2003,
  2. Mark text, picture or something else for what you want to insert hyperlink,
  3. After you marked, on top of window click on Insert menu,
  4. In drop down menu you will see Hyperlink, click on it once. In new window you will see Address (a), in that space write path to page, picture, new document or something else,
  5. On top of window you will se Text to Display (b), everything you write here will display when you put mouse over text, picture…which have hyperlink.
  6. After you finish, all you have to do is to click OK.
  7. Now try you hyperlink. You can do that holding Right Ctrl and click with left mouse on text, picture…

Note: When you click on Hyperlink that Document or picture can open in new window. If you don’t know how read…

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