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Top 3 4k Gaming Monitors



Gaming is more than a movie show experience, it call for active participation. that why you may find high definition graphics on a gaming monitor than you would find on an Ordinary Flat screen TV. Selection of the best most recent gaming monitors need a high tech know how. If you are wondering, which Monitor is worth your 4K or the best monitor for gaming, worry less. You are reading an exclusive piece on the best that the manufacturers have to offer gamers. Okay, the most important thing to games is graphics with relationship to the graphics card and processor power. However, if the rendering is imperfect there is truly nothing to enjoy. Check out the best monitors that are worth their price tags.

  1. The Asus RoG Swift PG278Q

This currently the best monitor in the market. The 27 inch screen deserves the name swift since it is has lightning speeds. Truth be told, Asus did not fail on this one. Although the screen is expensive keep reading and you will realize It is worth every dollar you spend on it.

Swift is lack for a better word based on the performance of this monitor. With a native resolution of 2560 X 1440, 1 ms pixels response, 144HZ refresh rate and G-Sync hardware the machine is a monster in its field. The graphics of the game remain smooth no matter the angels, pixel changes and refresh rates required by any game on this planet. If you are bored of irregular graphics and unwanted stops while enjoying your favorite games then this is what you have been looking for! Nvidia graphics hardware in the monitor means no gaming challenge is unacceptable to swift. For $ 800 only, you get to enjoy games like animation movies.


  1. The View sonic VX2263Smhl

If you though the best of graphic rendering monitors are all about high price tags then you got it all wrong. With only 140 dollars, you can get yourself the cheapest yet among the best 4k gaming monitors. Even with no G-Sync feature and a small screen size, this monitor makes it to the top 3 4k gaming monitors because it is just to good for the price charge.

Viewsonic is a great pick since it has great 1080p dislay in terms of color saturation and great contrast levels compared to many screens in the same category.

  1. The Acer XB280HK

This arguably the best of the top 3 4k gaming monitors. Even though the monitor is expensive, no gamer would say no whatsoever. Even with a slower refresh rate than Asus Swift, this screen is the best it can get when you look at the resolution department. A native 3480 X 2160 is more than impressive plus it also has the NVIDIA hardware that facilitate G-Sync.

This 28 inch screen has also good black and white levels and perfect contrast for awesome gaming experiences.

When you look at them against the features of a 4k monitor, the above-mentioned monitors are the top 3 4k gaming monitors. Expect the list to change with release of newer models and even greater makes!

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